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Bitter Çikolata
Sevgililer Günü
Beautiful Valentine's Day Collection
Çilekli Kurabiye

Strawberry Shortcake

True love: divine white chocolate and strawberry ganache, balanced with deliciously creamy strawberry veloute, enrobed in a delicate white chocolate shell, and shaped like a tiny slice of cake.

Dark Chocolate Sacher Torte

Dark and dreamy: deeply luxurious dark chocolate ganache, paired with a beautifully soft chocolate veloute, generously covered in a dark chocolate shell, and shaped as an elegant conical pyramid.

Limonlu Cheesecake

Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake

Be mine: a rich lemon cheesecake ganache, finished with a delicate hint of lemon peel and salt, covered in sumptuous milk chocolate, and shaped like a small slice of the irresistible cake.

Paris-Brest Chocolate

Head over heels: a Madagascar dark chocolate and almond praline, blended with white chocolate and almond praline, and just a crunch of caramelized almonds, all enrobed in deliciously milk chocolate.

Paris Brest
Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Crème Brûlée

Madly, Deeply: A velvety caramel creme brulee, complemented by a rich creme ganache made with Madagascar vanilla, covered in exquisitely decorated milk chocolate.

The Story Of Lady Godiva

The Story Of Lady Godiva

The Story Of Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is a story of loyalty, rebellion, passion and also compassion. Public was rebelling due to the heavy taxes imposed in Coventry, England, in the 11th century. Lady Godiva the wife of Lord Leofric who was imposing the heavy taxes decided to support the public. She tried to convince her husband for decreasing the taxes. Becoming annoyed by the insistence of the Lady, Lord Leofric made his wife an offer which he thought she could never accept. He would decrease the tax burden only on the condition that Lady Godiva would alone ride a horse through the streets of Coventry naked only covered by her hair. Believing that Lady Godiva would never show that courage, Lord felt that his wife would stop her pressures.

When that moment came, Lady Godiva passed through Coventry on her horse solemnly and self-confidently. Learning about the situation, the public community closed their stores and went to their homes. In the honor of the Lady, no one took a single step to the streets or opened their curtains. Upon this courageous behavior of the Lady, they closed their eyes to show their deep respect that they felt for her.

Lord Leofric kept his promise and decreased the taxes. After this event, Lady Godiva's courage, determination, purity, passion and beauty became a source of inspiration to many artists.

The legend of Lady Godiva still leaves in memories and also in Godiva chocolates. The gist of this pretty story well suits to Godiva chocolates.