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Bitter Çikolata
Sevgililer Günü
Beautiful Valentine's Day Collection
Çilekli Kurabiye

Strawberry Shortcake

True love: divine white chocolate and strawberry ganache, balanced with deliciously creamy strawberry veloute, enrobed in a delicate white chocolate shell, and shaped like a tiny slice of cake.

Dark Chocolate Sacher Torte

Dark and dreamy: deeply luxurious dark chocolate ganache, paired with a beautifully soft chocolate veloute, generously covered in a dark chocolate shell, and shaped as an elegant conical pyramid.

Limonlu Cheesecake

Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake

Be mine: a rich lemon cheesecake ganache, finished with a delicate hint of lemon peel and salt, covered in sumptuous milk chocolate, and shaped like a small slice of the irresistible cake.

Paris-Brest Chocolate

Head over heels: a Madagascar dark chocolate and almond praline, blended with white chocolate and almond praline, and just a crunch of caramelized almonds, all enrobed in deliciously milk chocolate.

Paris Brest
Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Crème Brûlée

Madly, Deeply: A velvety caramel creme brulee, complemented by a rich creme ganache made with Madagascar vanilla, covered in exquisitely decorated milk chocolate.




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